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Essiac Herbal Tea

The Untold Story

In 1983, the first gallon of Essiac was distributed in the United States was made available in Salisbury, Massachusetts.  It was offered to the public by Arthur David, Charles Brusch, M.D.’s very close friend since 1943. Arthur and Dr. Brusch developed a close bond due to their mutual interest in saving lives. Arthur had purchased the rights to a product called “Harmazone” (in 1923) from Dr. Varney, a German scientist. This product had reversed hundreds of cases of liver, pancreatic, breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers. It is the only product that existed that would eliminate any bacterial contamination, including e-coli.  Dr. Brusch and many other physicians documented the reversal of numerous medical conditions through the use of this product.

 Dr. Brush was President Kennedy’s personal physician. Please note, Dr. Brush never treated Senator Ted Kennedy’s son for cancer as rumored. The only patient he treated during the Kennedy administration was President Kennedy. [who had been diagnosed with Addison’s Disease].

Master herbalist, Elmer Gove, assisted Dr. Brush and Rene Caisse in developing the 8-herb “oral” Essiac formula. The “original” 4 herb formula was used by Native Americans for the purpose of treating general maladies at a time when there was little or no cancer.  Rene Caisse was given the formula by a patient in a hospital where she was employed. She was astounded that it had reversed the woman’s breast cancer. When the government gave Rene approval for the start up of a cancer clinic in Bracebridge, Canada, doctors soon observed there was only a 15-20% efficacy rate [with those receiving oral doses of the Essiac treatment]. Henceforth, after a few years of research, doctors developed a version of the formula that was administered by injection. This form of application was the only means of acquiring a higher level of  consistent results. Years later, the clincial information was  documented in a hand-written testimonial by Rene Caisse and signed by staff physician’s.  I have that in my possession.

For many years, Rene attempted to obtain permission from the Canadian Ministry of Health in order to allow physicians throughout Canada to inject the formula. The Canadian Ministry of Health only allowed treatment at the Bracebridge  clinic through physiciian referrals.  At about that time, Dr. Brusch’s older brother had heard about Rene’s work.  Dr. Brusch decided to research the information and eventually began communicating with Rene. After treating several of his own patients with Essiac, he submitted letters to the medical establishment [in the U.S.]  encouraging them to review his findings.  He submitted  proposals  to approve the Essiac as a treatment for patients diagnosed with cancer. His proposals were refused.  I personally observed two responses; a simple reply,  “Herbs have no merit.”

In 1959, Rene was extremely concerned that this valuable formula may be lost forever. Physicians could not inject a substance without government approval. Dr. Brusch invited her to join him at the Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge Ma., in an attempt to develop an oral formula (with the same efficacy level as the injection.) This was accomplished after eight years of research. The formula has never been published so as to protect it's accuracy and systematic production.  Dr. Brusch was left the exclusive rights to the formula in 1977, a year prior to Rene’s death. Anyone [individual or business] claiming to possess the formula should be asked to produce documentation from Dr. Brusch. Elmer Gove and Dr. Brusch also developed a recipe for leukemia. They developed a procedure using turnip juice brewed with the herbs.  The results were astounding.   The oral Essiac formula now contains eight herbs so that an injection is no longer necessary.

During clinical research, Dr. Brusch and Rene attempted to use capsules, tablets, tinctures, and other methods. The method, resulting in the most potent formula, was returning the herbs to the liquid after brewing. They found that it increased the potency level day by day. (we called it swamp juice)

Rene Caisse passed away in 1978, Elmer Gove, in 1987, Dr. Brusch, in 1993, and Arthur David, in 1994. God bless them all in the legacy left behind. I am thankful for the trust and confidence displayed to me by Arthur and Dr. Brusch. Very humble men from an era gone by. I am also thankful for having the opportunity to talk to Elmer Gove on those few occasions prior to his death. No high tech. A farmer-jeans type of guy. It was never about money. Also, thank you to Cathy Burnham (who was fired after demanding the Essiac show would be aired on WMUR-TV .The show allowed us “to come out of the closet and save lives”. ---and to the over 26,000 people internationally, who have put their faith in me. There is still much to learn.

NOTE:  AUTHENTICATION:   A business or individual making claims to the Essiac formula ownership must produce documents from Dr. Brusch or Rene Caisse. View Document from Dr. Brusch

We make no medical claims.  The Essiac is classified as a high potency blood cleanser.





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