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Energy Enhancement System

The Energy Enhancement System™ Technology has already been presented at numerous National and International medical, scientific, and many other health conferences including the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine and the Radiation Oncology Committee Meeting.  Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D., John Hopkins research physician, Professor of Oncology, has testified before Congress, and spearheaded clinical studies and research into this Energy Enhancement Technology.

Dr. Marcial-Vega and others have documented the following:

elimination of detrimental fields including 60 cycle fields, radiation, and microwaves
improvement of blood profiles proven by high resolution blood imaging and other tests
  detoxification, deep relaxation 
  extraordinary rapid post surgical healing
vision improvement including retinal reattachment and eyesight restored
  relief from severe pain even in cases of metastasized cancers
  significantly increased energy and mental clarity with many other instances of enhanced health and well being
major benefits to diabetics
  vi    vvre The conclusion from Dr. Marcial-Vega's study was: "It is my opinion that this is a powerful energy enhancer.  It promotes a very deep state of ultimate relaxation, if we allow it, from which any type of healing can occur."

A celebrity sportscaster, star player of San Francisco 49'er football and pro-golf fame, has been using the technology to assist in his recovery from a stroke.  He was so impressed with the system that he had one installed around his bed.

The system, capable of emulating the energy transmitted in hands-on-healing, was designed and developed by Sandra Rose/Michael over a period of 12 years, culminating in a multi-computer system generating extraordinarily bio-active life enhancing fields including scalar fields.  These fields allow cellular regeneration and create right-left brain synchronization as proven with EEG testing.  Sandra Rose/Michael, listed in the international Who's Who, a recognized Kahuna healer has taught holistic health worldwide for nearly 30 years and has recently returned from meeting with the heads of the Chinese government.  She was featured on nationwide television in China where they plan to use her technology in clinics, and for the Olympics because of its ability to enhance performance and speed recovery from injury or stress.

Renowned scientist, Dr. S.K. Lee who holds medical and pharmaceutical patents, has presented the Energy Enhancement System™ to the deans of the universities, biophysicists, professors of  medicine and  heads of academic sciences in Korea with multiple installations there.

Dr. DeBoer of the Spine Institute, highly respected in the Palm Springs, California area says " The Energy Enhancement System™ is a new technology that generates a therapeutic energy field that can raise the energy level of every cell in the body to its optimum level(70 to 90 millivolts), with-in a two hour therapy session.  This is the most extraordinary technology I have seen in twenty years of practice as an Alternative Health Care Doctor. The results which have been obtained with this therapy are quite frankly miraculous!" (Dr. DeBoer & Sandra Rose Michael were featured guest November 13, 2003 on the television show " The Talking Stick.")

The Energy Enhancement System™  has been featured on the "Beauty Show" which is to be airing as part of the In-Flight entertainment on all major airlines in the US and around the world.  This show has recently been picked-up by Turner Broadcasting with plans to deliver the show to millions of homes on their cable television stations.  Additionally, a new show called "Healthy Living" hosted by Linda Gray of television's Dallas fame will also be featuring the technology.


4 unit at the Jockey Club in Miami Florida
The Jocky Club
4 Unit ESS in Miami, Florida
Effect of Energy Enhancement System
 Effect of Energy Enhancement System™





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