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It has been 26 years since I met Dr. Charles Brusch and Arthur David. I have made every attempt to continue with their philosophies regarding health care. Neither was concerned about profiting at the expense of those who needed medical services. Endless hours of consultation were donated to those in need. There was respect for all those persons in need of help regardless of income. Dr. Brusch would kindly invite scores of cancer survivors to a restaurant in Salisbury, Ma. so that they could celebrate survival. He was also an ardent researcher of homeopathic remedies as an adjunct to chemical compounds. His patients flourished. Those were the days when medical care excelled all boundaries in medicine. Find the cause and treat it.

His approach was representative of both A.C.A.M. and A.A.E.M. physicians of this era. These are physicians who test to find contaminants in the bloodstream and treat those toxins with non-chemical protocols. Basically most diseases evolve from bacteria, viruses, environmental [airborne and oral toxicity], heavy metals, and adrenal exhaustion.

Dr. Brusch made a valid comment when I was multi-symptomatic [without a diagnosis]. He stated, “You do not have a “real doctor” unless your physician orders thyroid tests. Americans have severe dietary deficiencies [lack of glandular foods and iodine]. The thyroid is the key to the endocrine system. From 1986-1992, I had been misdiagnosed by 10 doctors. I was eventually diagnosed with Epstein Barr, which causes fibromyalgia. I was completely debilitated. I took my health care into my own hands. Today, the condition no longer exists.

[Note: Commercial fishermen would deliver sea kelp to Dr. Brusch’s friend, Arthur. It would be sun dried and later simmered in water. He would use this for thyroid disorders as well as internal and external radiation burns.]

What affected me more than the illness were the insulting remarks from physicians; maybe you should talk to somebody [psychiatrist]. I hear this comment on a continual basis from people who call me. To them I say, standard tests may or may not result in a diagnosis. You need an ACAM or AAEM physician who has the skill level to look beyond the realm of standardized tests.

I was naïve back then. I knew Dr. Brusch had taken legal measures to protect the formula from fraud [prior to conveying the Caisse/ Brusch formula to me]. No one knew the formula existed in the early 1980’s. Dr. Brusch and I had been invited to participate on a talk show with patients [WMUR-TV] who had used the Essiac. A week prior to the show he had a stroke. He passed away a year later. The show brought nationwide attention to the history of Essiac. [Videotape: 1-800-642-1551-WMUR-TV]-1992

During the following year, I was disturbed to find that many people were alleging to have possession of the formula. Numerous variations of the formula were being sold. In many cases, for enormous amounts of money. There is no variation. The formula was clinically tested for eight years by Dr. Brusch and Rene Caisse. It was protected.  Sadly, many people were purchasing a product that simply had no efficacy. I was not in a financial position to address this situation legally.

You may ask, “How do I know I am purchasing the correct formula”. Very simply. Rene Caisse, a year before her death, left the eight herb oral formula to Dr. Brusch with documentation. Dr. Brusch presented me with a signed document to attest to the fact that I was in possession of the correct formula.

If you do not know what question to ask, you may be mislead. To any company or individual making claims, simply ask, “Do you or your company possess DOCUMENTATION from Dr. Brusch or Rene Caisse to prove you were given the rights to sell the authentic formula? Warning: There may be silence on the other end of the line.

I have spent many years of my life speaking with thousands of individuals as well as exchanging information with practitioners. When you have a health issue, it’s what you may not know that may save your life. This site will inform people of some of the latest technology and treatments with the highest level of efficacy.

A special thanks to: Arthur David, Charles Brusch, M.D., Cathy Burnham, and WMUR-TV. [Courtney and Brent; site creators] Essiac is a detoxifying agent that comes with no health claims. God makes that decision.





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