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Purchase-MINERALS-Solar reduced ocean minerals (BASIC)

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Price: $17.50
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Prod. Code: MINERALS-Solar - Basic

All three have the basic 92 minerals.


MINERALS-[8 ounces, one capful yields 50 servings]

  Solar reduced ocean minerals.

BASIC                                                                                    $17.50


SUPA BOOST                                                                          47.50

HAWTHORNE BERRY                                                             47.50

STINGING NETTLE                                                                  47.50


All three products contain 92 minerals. 

SUPA BOOST [contains anti-bacterial and viral agent]

Hawthorne and Stinging Nettle are blood stimulators.

½ cap of Supa Boost with either ½ cap Hawthorne or Nettle

Both Stinging Nettle and Hawthorne Berry stimulate

blood for better delivery to the target area.


Product history accompanies the products.  


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